Who is SDA

Select Drywall & Acoustics Inc. or "S.D.A" is a trade contracting company in the walls and ceilings industry. A company that is distinguished to exclusively refer itself as full size in all divisions of the industry.

Commercial, Hi-Rise/Low Rise Residential, Institutional and Industrial construction contract achievements have rendered S.D.A as a resource of experience, dependability and innovation. A resource aimed to renew, grow and be strategically provided, for success in the building market.

Making up the company is a management team and workforce that can bridge construction site to office by resourcing tried procedure while introducing and researching new technology. Information shared from project to project assure that industry diversity is another stand out strength granting a birds eye view to selecting from a possibility of a multitude of solutions to any architectural, environmental or construction challenge.  At the site, each project is approached with dedicated assigned Construction Management,  Safety Consultants, Engineer, Licensed Foremen, Trades people and Delivery personnel.  Additionally, encouraged, is access to the products, information and services of our manufacturers and suppliers.

Our office and warehouse is assembled of an effeciently networked accounting, estimating, project and warehouse management team. Information flow is valuably shared and processed electronically with the most advanced construction software.  The warehouse is equipped with an inventory of lift equipment, tools and a complete line of trade building material with over 10 on the road vehicles for just in time delivery to any site.

The growing and demanding Southern Ontario market has discovered S.D.A. as a valuable tool to ensure project delivery at high quality performance. Further, the added value of construction method consulting provided by a 60 year old organization with low turnover has marked S.D.A as an important and essential element to builders success. Click the edit button to replace this content with your own.